Q. What if it rains?

A. We will Zoom or have an inside location at Impact Dance Studio for our bodyweight workout routine.

Q. What if Danielle can't make the online fitness coaching?

A. She will get a sub, or text you.

Q. Where can I print a schedule of the fitness workout plan?

A. Here is a PDF 

Q. What Safety precautions will there be?

A. I will take contactless temps, do not come if you have a fever, stay physically distant 6ft, wash hands before and after, I recently tested negative, and will wear a mask, we are also outside or online.

Q. Why does the online fitness coaching package cost money?

A. Much cheaper than your lawyer or doctor and I'll bring you more joy 😜

Q. Can I just be a lurker and copy the best home workout programs for weight loss?

A. Yes! I would love to spread wellness to the world.  Direct message me and I'll help you.  Mentoring is my passion! I want to empower the entire Health and Wellness industry. 

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