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Serving my community has always been my way- girl scout leader, bible school teacher, PTA chair, lunch mom, recess monitor, night missionary, boy scout popcorn kernel, community garden founder, creativity clubs, fortnightly, and Wellness House volunteer.  I have enjoyed all of it immensely.


Now that my husband and I have been out of work since COVID (he's a theater stagehand) my purpose has shifted from volunteer to entrepreneur. 


My why is to put food on the table so I am able to CONTINUE serving my community. 


Let's be honest, my mission is to provide for my family which hopefully will grow into providing for the world.  Yeah, it's about skills to pay the bills right now...

Meet Danielle


Hi there!

Welcome. I'm Danielle Pender, creator of Pop-Up Class. My therapy is movement and I'm passionate about sharing it with you. 

Here's my Bio:

Extensive Experience- American Council of Exercise, certified for 25 years.  Getting people just like you, moving since 1995.  I always knew this was my purpose.  I started dancing when I was seven and haven't stopped.

Industry Leader- Barre (Barre Above), Cycle (Schwinn), Pilates (Pop Pilates), Balletone, Zumba, Yoga (Bikram), Pre and Postnatal specialty, HITT, and Aqua (WaterinMotion) and also AFAA certified.  You name it, I teach it.  I love it all and have no favorites, but cross-training and continuing education are key!

International Fitness Professionals

Association- Women’s Fitness Specialist leading the field in nutrition, wellness, and behavior lifestyle.

Respected Expert- Graduated with honors from Columbia College BFA in Dance, adjunct faculty. 


Master Instructor- Lifetime Fitness for ten years.


Currently teaching at The Local Workout and Impact Dance Studio.


I am proud of these pieces of paper, but what makes me really light up, are the stories of my client's transformations.  Their lives have truly changed because of fitness. ⭐️  Women who lacked energy and motivation at first were able to change into the best version of themselves. ❤️ A woman who couldn't walk up a flight of stairs, missing out on her child's upstairs classroom events, now participating in life and sharing in the smiles and joys of her children. 💫 Women who faced horrible pasts, start by hiding in the back row of class, not able to look in the mirror, then transform into front row divas. ✨ Courage, Confidence, and Strong Self-Care.💪I know the steps it takes and can lead you in your transformation.

If you ask me, there's never been a better time to get fit.  The trick: find an exercise program that is proven to provide results, from someone you trust and respect.  And then, after you've signed up, make sure to show up.  And go all in! 

Pop-Up Class values a progressive stance on inclusion.  We are committed to diversity and inclusion. A community of all different kinds of people, age demographics, racial designations, religious beliefs, and levels of physical ability. This is who we are.  We will not tolerate prejudice in any form in our business.

Spring Rock Park

4400 Central Ave

Western Springs IL 60558

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